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Wheel set manufacturing

Our experience is based on 25 years tradition of equipping all kind of railway vehicles like:
- Freight wagons;
- Passenger wagons;
- Locomotives;
- Trams;
- Tube;
- Diesel-Electric Trains;
- Narrow gauge trains;
- Special vehicles for rail maintenance.

Since the very beginning the wheel sets have being produced under the UIC leaflets when in the last years were implemented the Euro Norms as well as the TSI WAG regulations of the European Union, for which the production is certified.

Quality control Processes for wheel sets:
- Dynamic Balancing – Automatic Stand;
- Electrical Resistance Testing;
- Ultrasonic test of the pressing;
- Geometrical control – New, Unique underground, fully-Automatic Stand with 4D laser measurement head which gives volume detailed measurement of the wheel sets,
- Thickness control of Painting.

The paint quality is guaranteed from our painting-baking (not drying) cameras, where with turning mechanisms the wheel sets is painted while turning in order to achieve constant thickness of minimum 100 microns on all the surface.
In the painting cameras are used the latest prescribed paint coats from the European Rail Administrations like SEB9305, EPOSIST 2001 of WILCKENS. These coats guarantee higher protection against corrosion after classes 1 + 4 DIN EN 13261 and indication for overheating from brake-blocks. 

For more detailed information, please download the wheelset catalogue below or contact us. 


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